Product Development

Customize development to set apart your products in the marketplace with low MOQ, quick turnaround, shorter lead time. The most unique of all you will have a chance to work with the trained and certified flavorists and food scientists to work side by side on a lab bench to finalize the formulation.

At Savorx, whether you are a startup or a fortune 500 company, you have our back. Product development starts with a complementary phone call, email, or a video chat. Your confidentiality is very important for us, the conversation starts with a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Once a verbal agreement is reached, we send a work statement stating the timeline, cost of the project. Within two weeks, as we make headway on the projects, ship you the first batch of samples. Based on your feedback, we will tweak the formulations to your perfections. Usually, it takes few rounds of revisions to get a desired product. You may take the final samples to potential investors. The formulas used in the products are consolidated and made production and label friendly with cleaner and shorter ingredient statement. Once you approve the formulation, we create production batch sheets. At this point, you own the formula, and you may take the batch sheet to a co-packer of your choice, or we suggest a co-packer for you. We provide nutritional and regulatory assistance all the way.

Flavor Categories