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At SavorxFlavors, we develop flavors that provide multisensorial experience, nutrition, health and wellness. We replicate the true taste and experience of authentic food that consumers crave for whether in flavoring plantbased, meatless, vegan, low sodium, low caloric products.

We serve the Halal, Kosher, and Vegetarian and Vegan industry as well as develop flavors Natural and Organic.

Flavor Development

Develop and manufacture cost effective quality flavors and flavor systems for all segments of applications.

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Instruct & Collaborate

Train and mentor next generation flavorist, consult food and flavor companies and solve issues related to flavor development and sustainability.

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In-Person & Remote Service

We work with our customers in their laboratory or our lab to come up with the best products based on customer specification and requirements.

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Start off with the our baked product selections and enjoy replicating the authentic tastes created from leaven bread and other distinct flavor features such as toasted.


Our beverage category contains plenty of options to customize and tweak beverages to the right level of sweet & saltiness as well as replication of distinct flavors.


As part of the up and coming cannabis market SavorxFlavors dedicates an expansion towards clients seeking cannabinoid infused flavor profiles without the use of highly regulated substances such as THC & CBD.



Dairy products at SavorxFlavors does not contain any unwanted lactose and provides food scientists with the ability to provide those flavor profiles to the laktoseintolerant.

Oral Care



Ready-to-eat (RTE) market is growing and SavorxFlavors stands behind business owners seeking consultation and advice in developing novel flavor profiles for their products.

Taste Modulations

Nearly all flavors can be modulated and represented by a certified food scientist in modulating said flavor to fit the appetites of consumers.