For Flavor Your Customers Crave and Satisfies your Budget

Three good reasons you should order your next best flavor from Savorx Flavors.


If you are a small to mid-size company and want a collaborative partner for your product development and commercialization, Savorx Flavors is the perfect fit for your team.

We have the big-league flavor proficiency you can trust…without being encumbered by the weighty operations you can encounter in the expansive flavor house. You have direct access to our lab. We work with you 1-to1.

Our streamlined production process results in quicker turnaround…giving you the competitive edge in the marketplace.


Our certified Savorx flavorists are second to none.

You work directly with our lab to pinpoint that spectacular flavor you’re looking for. We begin each successful innovation with our unique knowledge and ability to combine the art, science and technology of sensational taste.

We use fewer ingredients in formulations. And maximize nutritional value for your product. That’s good for a cleaner label. We master flavor solutions ranging from ripe banana, delicious vanilla, decadent chocolate, and creamy buttery flavors… to embracing taste complexity, flexible culinary systems, and masking undesirable aftertastes.

Our repertoire of solutions include:

Natural Flavor from the Named Fruit (FTNF)

Natural Type Flavor

Natural And Artificial Flavor

Artificial Flavor